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Everest Research
Here’s what Everest Research can provide you:
Monex Europe EURUSD Forecast December 2018 to June 2019_Page_1
Monex Europe EURUSD Forecast December 2018 to June 2019_Page_2
Clear and Concise
We don’t clutter our charts with messy indicators and fancy colours. We keep it simple and straight to the point explaining how we got each level neatly.
We put our necks out there to call big bold moves with clear entry, stop loss and profit target levels.
Institutional Grade
Our team runs the analysis departments of 14 major brokers, currency exchange companies and previously advised the trading desks of the largest banks and hedge funds.
Loved by retail traders
Our analysis constantly rank top on the top social trading websites as voted by retail traders.
Caters to all trading styles
We have our strategic analysis for longer term traders, tactical analysis for shorter term traders and time sensitive analysis for scalpers.
We analyze all asset classes ranging from forex to indices, shares, cryptocurrencies and commodities.
Obeys correlation
We know the market moves in tandem and every currency affects each other. Our analysis always obeys correlation to ensure readers get the big picture.
We explain the reasons behind every single support/resistance level we get helping our readers better educate and equip themselves.
We create bespoke solutions to meet your needs
To see what we can do for you, leave your details below. One of our friendly team members will be in touch within 1-3 working days.
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